Committed to Excellence on a Budget

We are experts in our field, and we always place our customers’ needs first.

Shutters and Blinds

We carry all major brands and also support a few local manufacturers in most areas.

Window Film

Save money and beat the heat with reflective films!

Motorized Shades

Competition among the manufacturers has reduced the price of many motorized applications!

Sun Screens

Sunscreens provide excellent UV and heat protection against the sun and help reduce summer electric bill.

Our Story

Cover Your Glass was established in 1999. Since our founding, we’ve been providing exceptional customer service to our clients in the entire Maricopa Valley area. Apart from selling high-quality window coverings, we also offer installation services.

Our company’s founder owned an installation company that also sold window products. However, he realized that franchises and similar business styles were just trying to sell as many products and services as possible. They weren’t focused on what was best for their customers. As our founder puts it, “Some franchises are just going to hang whatever blinds can get them a trip to Cabo at the end of the quarter and not what is going to last year after year.

What Sets Us Apart

We aren’t trying to sell the most number of products possible. While franchises might be focused on quotas and sales, we’re dedicated to giving you the best products and experiences. We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers and maintained good relationships with them so that we can provide you with access to high-end window coverings at reasonable prices.

Our Philosophy

Our team has worked with nearly all the products on the market. Some companies may have great products in their line up, but other products they offer may not be up to par. We can tell which ones will work for you. At Cover Your Glass, we utilize our extensive product knowledge in giving you honest advice on which products to buy and have installed. Our company strives, above all, to keep our residential and commercial clients satisfied.

“Hello Pat,

Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful service I experienced with you and Rob. Very professional and friendly introduction to your product and just great service from Rob.

After 10 years in Arizona, I have finally found a company that gives the kind of customer service I give my own clients. Not something you see very often. I love the product and will definitely recommend you to friends and neighbors.

Thank you again and have a wonderful day.”

 –Carlie' J. T., Mesa, AZ


It's been several months since you were out to install our blinds and put film on our windows. What a difference! Plus we have listened to your CD and know that you are not only talented in your day job but have a great voice as well! It was a true pleasure working with everyone on your team and as you know we have recommended you to our neighbors who have had the same exceptional experience.

Your sense of customer service and quality are true finds!

Thank you again for everything. We love it!”

 –Wendy and Randy T., New River, AZ

“I have used Cover Your Glass for several homes I have purchased in the Phoenix area. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that delivers on time at an extraordinary price. They really embody their corporate name—and never have any excuses. They even helped me at home with blinds bought from another vendor!”

–Paula and Alex S., Chandler, AZ

Paula McCarty Global Services Marketing and Research