Free Service

Stellar Service!

Yes! We automatically provide a free service warranty for one year, no questions asked!  Also, the manufacturer's warranty on basswood shutters, window film, and most of the blinds that we carry have lifetime warranties. Our sun screens have a 5-year warranty on the product and service.

Free service includes Cover Your Glass enforcing the manufacturer's warranty on your behalf without any labor costs to you! Unless otherwise specified on the invoice, we will come out to your home or business and repair or replace any product free of charge, even if it requires more than one visit. If the damage is your fault and not covered under warranty, Cover Your Glass will repair that blind free of any labor costs to you and charge you only our cost (if any) for replacement parts and shipping costs, (usually minimal). Exceptions are rental and commercial properties.

We appreciate your business and feel this type of service is deserved by and expected from you, the customer, our employer. Our manufacturers are NOT the boss, YOU are! Volume is our strength with our suppliers, and we will use all of our leverage and resources to make sure you are totally satisfied.

Thank You for visiting and we look forward to servicing you!